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Aduke looked through her email and opened the one from Maya, her brows drawn into a frown.

Mummy, I got accommodation on campus today. And I will be moving in immediately.

“Aha?” Aduke scrolled up and down. “Why is she sending me email?” No greeting or courtesy?

It was close to 8pm and Maya should be getting home soon. Aduke picked her phone and dialled her number. Maya picked up after the third ring. There was a lot of background noise and Aduke moved the phone away from her ear for a second.

“Hello! Maya? Where are you?”

Maya laughed. “School.”

Aduke gasped. “Why is there so much noise? Aren’t you supposed to be coming home?”

“Didn’t you get my email?”

There’s loud music now and Aduke had a feeling Maya was in a hall or some public place where a party was on. Someone said something and Maya laughed louder.

“Email? What do you mean? Is it email you will use to tell me your plan? Anyway, when are you coming home? It’s almost eight.”

“Ah, I told you I’m moving to campus. I have accommodation, Mummy. Ah.” She hung up.

“Eh?” Aduke looked at her phone. “Maya?!” She dialled the number again, but Maya just cut the call. “My God! What is going on?”

She dialled Ope’s number.

“Hello! Ope? How are you?”

“Hello. Good evening, ma.”

“Ah, Ope. Please do you know where Maya is? She hasn’t come home. She said she has accommodation on campus. Just this morning, she left the house and didn’t tell me anything. Where are you?”

“Hold on, ma.”

Aduke heard movement and then the sound of a chair scraping the floor. “Ope? Ope?”

“Hello, ma. I’m here. Sorry. I was in the library, so I didn’t want to talk loud. Yes, Maya.”

“Do you know where she is?”

“Yes, ma. We were in the library together just now. One of her friends called her and she rushed out. She’ll soon be back.”

Aduke sighed. “Ah, thank you. Thank God. At least you know where she is.”

“Yes, ma.”

“Please, tell her to come home tonight. I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to stay on campus.”

“Maybe because of the exams. She feels she can read better here.”

“No,” Aduke shook her head. “No, I don’t approve. She didn’t even call me. She sent an email.”

“Email? Ah, why?”

“I don’t know. Just tell her to come home.”

“Yes, ma. I will even come with her.”

Wo, God will bless you for me. Thank you so much, my dear,”

“Yes, ma. Thank God. Good night, ma.”


Ope stared at his phone right after the call with Maya’s mother. What was he to do now? He had lied that he knew where she was. She ran off saying someone was calling her, what if she didn’t return. He hurried back into the library and packed his books. This was not good at all with exams coming up. Would he be able to concentrate on his studies with all these attitudes coming off of Maya? And she needed to study too.

He called her number and she picked up after the first ring. “Ah, I’m coming. What is your problem?”

Ope rolled his eyes. “I’m waiting for you outside the library.”

She giggled. “Calm down. If you were my husband sef, this jealousy will not be this much.”

He snapped. “I am not your husband and can never be. I’m waiting for you.”

He hung up on her. What was that? Maya and he never made jokes about a relationship until Ben came around accusing him. Had he sold that rubbish to Maya too? He had to find out and stop it!

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