Roses N Chocolates


Maya sat on the couch and closed her eyes.

“Don’t be sad, darling. We can work around this situation.” Ben crouched in front of her and smoothed back her hair. “I’m thinking really hard.”

“The problem is your age.” She opened her eyes and sat up. “She will never accept someone older than her for me.”

He sighed. “She wants that stupid boy, Ope?”

Maya shrugged. “I don’t know. But I told you he’s in that their prayer warrior group too.”

Ben took hold of her hands. “I love you so much, Maya. My life will be miserable without you.”

“I love you too, Ben. But what do we do?” She stared into his eyes, hers tearing up. “I’m just tired.”

“Don’t cry, my baby.” He stroked her cheeks, feeling the emotions in his words stronger than he would want to admit. “My sweetlove.”

He hadn’t kissed her yet. It was the next stage and with this, her mother being so prayerful, he didn’t want to rush things and mess her up. He would then need to start building up again. He’d come too far. She was a truly remarkable woman with such a bright and beautiful future.

“Stargazer,” he whispered.

Her beautiful eyes widened. “I thought you said you don’t do that thing again.”

“I had to go back and check. With all this pressure from your mother. I needed to reassure myself we are meant for each other.”

Her face relaxed. “And what does it say?”

“Our stars are woven together, my love. And it went so far and deep in the night.”

“Meaning we will live together as man and wife for many years.”

“Till our very old age.”

She snickered. “It’s the same reading for the last three times.”

“You need to come see it with me, love. See for yourself.”

She gasped. “My mother will kill me.”

“She will never know. Or how else am I going to convince you we need to fight for our love.”

She leaned back again. “I’m hungry…”

He shot to his feet. “The fried rice and chicken I bought remains. I should bring some?” She nodded and he hurried off.

In his kitchen, he took his crystal ball out of the cabinet and invoked his star. It was the same. If he could get her to watch it too, that would be progress. He said the words over the food and returned the ball.

Maya had her feet on the floor, and her shoes on. “Ope just called.”

He pulled a stool closer. She had to eat before leaving. He wasn’t ready to through precious concocted food away. Everything she ate or drank in his house added to the influence. Very soon, in another month hopefully, his star would start fading hers. He hoped she would be a living carcass in a year. A vegetable worth nothing to no one. He couldn’t wait.

“What does the fool want?”

“He said they pasted results. I need to check mine.”

He laughed. “Wait. Start eating. I’ll be right back.”

“What? I have to go.”

“Just one second, please.” He rushed off into his room.

Ben returned with a silk scarf and a different crystal ball from the one in the kitchen. Maya had some food in her mouth. Good, he moaned inwardly.

She shook her head frantically. “Ah no. I can’t do that thing with you.”

“Just watch. You don’t have to do anything. Wait, my love.” He placed the ball beside her food and draped the scarf over it. He closed his eyes, conscious of her intent eyes on him. After muttering his words, he pulled off the scarf. “Look.”

She leaned over and for several seconds just glared at the ball. Then she screeched. “It’s a lie!”

“It’s true, my love. I was so nervous about your exam, I checked the results but I didn’t want to say anything.”

She jumped to her feet. “I have to go. Mummy will be so happy.”

“Sit and finish your food.” He snapped. Then smiled. “At least now, you know you topped the class.”

He glared as some of his hypnosis took effect on her. She smiled foolishly. “Sure.”

At these moments when he could vividly see his power at work, he wanted to rush it. Take possession of her body and fill her out, drain her. But it could backfire. He just had to be patient. He could feel his eyes roll to the back and he brought it back quickly. He didn’t want to spook her. Yet.

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