Abigail scoffed. “This makes no sense to me. Trash it.”

Toya gasped. “Wait. Wait a minute…she’s sixteen!”

“The heading is confusing.” Abigail stared closer at her screen. “She’s been married for sixteen years not that she’s sixteen.”

“My bad,” Toya said and laughed. “I just saw sixteen.”

“But was she saying she was denied sex sixteen years ago or now?” Abigail scanned the page. “Her words are unclear and make the story difficult.”

Toya sighed. “Do you want to read it?”

Abigail shrugged. “Sure.”

Dear BSS Crew. I am so blessed to be able to write to you. This my story is quite weird, and I don’t know what to make of it. I got married at sixteen, sixteen years ago.

Abigail arched an eyebrow. “Oh, there it is. Anyway…”

Let us just call my husband Mr. P. He was almost double my age at the time, but my father thought he would be a best husband and would be able to take care of me. Mr. P wasn’t very rich, but he did provide for me. Since then, we have six children. I know it may seem as if I am raising issues that are old, but I just want to find out the signs of a man who is cheating.

On our wedding night, Mr. P went out to drink with his friends. I was a virgin, innocent and afraid, and I must confess, grateful he didn’t come to me that night. He came back dead drunk and slept off. In fact, he did not consummate our marriage for almost a month, and even then, it was sharp-sharp.

Sybil burst into laughter. “Asewo!”

“No judging!” Toya said but she was laughing too.

Abigail chuckled. “Will you let me continue?”

Toya waved her on.

As a young girl who knew nothing more, all I was used to was Mr. P’s come-and-go style. I never knew what it meant to have orgasm or to be satisfied sexually. My husband was not romantic in any way. He provided for me and the children and that was it. He deals in spare parts, so he has a lot of male contacts and little or no females. As he became richer, we moved into our own house and he insisted I have my own room. Our six children are growing and doing well, the last being six years old.

I think it is strange that at my age, my husband comes to my room only once a month? Sometimes two months before he will show up.

“He’s gay,” Abigail interrupted herself.

Toya arched her neck. “Does she say so?”

At first, I didn’t know who to talk to until one of my friends said she saw him going into a night club, but not with a woman but two men. I have checked his room hoping to see any signs, but I see nothing. Sometimes he comes home drunk but will quietly go into his room and sleep. I haven’t seen any signs of women around him. Only men. It is confusing because I expect a man like him should be more sexually active. I myself am a very beautiful woman.

Sybil giggled.

Recently, one of my husband’s big customers has been coming to the house when my hubby is not around. He is a mechanic and he tells me I am very pretty. He buys things for the children too. I am a housewife and when the children all go to school, I am alone, and this mechanic guy comes around. He makes me feel beautiful like my husband has never done. We have not done anything, but it seems as if it will happen if he doesn’t stop coming around.

I am just confused because he told me my husband is not interested in me or any other woman and won’t even mind if he sleeps with me. Of course, I told him off but I have been thinking. After I read Abigail’s story, can my husband be gay? Or he is not normal? Or is it because this mechanic wants to sleep with me?

Abigail drew in a deep breath. “Thoughts?”

Sybil moaned. “You should know better, Abigail? Are these the same signs?”

“Well, they’ve been married for sixteen years and she doesn’t have a clue what normal is.” Toya shrugged. “This mechanic wants to sleep with her so we can’t accept what he asserts.”

Abigail scratched her neck. “Honestly, Moses showed no signs of being gay. We had a normal sex life.”

“What would you call a normal sex life?” Toya made air quotes.


Toya cut in. “Because you had the experience. No clue he was gay so what was normal?”

“Yeah, I get you,” Abigail said. “Once a week?”

Toya snickered. “How many times is normal for you, Sybil?”

Sybil chuckled. “I married a soldier. He’s hardly home. But when he is, it’s dessert after dinner.”

Abigail screeched. “What about you, Latoya Odion?”

“Listen, it’s not the same experience for every…”

“Answer jo! You swore to be open when you agreed to form BSS.” Sybil did a little dance. “Catch am.”

Toya laughed. “It’s a daily dose when he’s in town.”

Abigail grinned. “Studs! You ladies married studs.”

“Don’t hide behind Moses, Abigail. You are married now. So…stats!” Sybil said.

Abigail yawned. “I maintained my once a week.”

The three laughed.

“What’s our verdict?” Toya said.

“Despite the fact that the mechanic wants to sleep with Mrs. P, I think she should take his accusation of Mr. P seriously. He was not double her age so we can safely assume he’s forty-eight or younger. At his age, men like sex. Who he is having it with is now the question.” Toya shrugged. “My verdict, she needs to have a serious conversation with him.”

“If they are not used to serious conversations, she can’t have one now,” Abigail said. “Moses never sat with me to talk about anything and I can’t imagine even prompting one.”

“I have no clue what to advise this woman,” Sybil said. “I feel her pain, though. With a horny mechanic to deal with, it can’t be easy.” She sniffed.

“It’s not funny, Sybil!”

But they all laughed again.

“Let’s throw this to our audience.”

“An easy way out.”

“He’s gay.”

“I think so too but can’t be proved yet.”

“She should set him up.”

“Maybe she should ask mechanic to get evidence for her.”

“Wow! That’s brilliant.”

“But dangerous! Mechanic wants her.”

“She must cut off from mechanic!”

“Now, I really need a stiff juice.”

“Let us pray.”

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“I can’t handle another battered woman. Please, I’m going to bed.”


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