Roses N Chocolates


“Thank goodness you called. I thought you wouldn’t. Where can we meet? Please. With all of you.”

Abigail set her phone to speaker so the other ladies would hear the conversation. “Hello dear. We can’t meet with you. We usually don’t…”

“Please. Please I beg you in God’s name.” She sobbed. “I can’t talk in the house.”

“Can you leave the house? Does anyone know about this?”

“My sister suspects. But she’s a hothead. She will kill my husband.”

Sybil rolled her eyes. Toya gasped. Abigail shrugged.

“Or you can go to a public place.”

“Where do you want us to meet?”

“We all don’t live in Lagos…”

“I don’t live in Lagos too. I’m in Remo but I can travel to Lagos.”

“We thought of a video call with you. If you can find a quiet place. Maybe a church?”

“Oh, great idea. I will go to my church. Thank you.”

“Send me a text message when you get there.”

“Yes ma. Thank you, ma.” She hung up.

“What do you make up of that?” Sybil said.

Toya cracked her neck. “Something is off. I worked in psychiatric hospital, and she sounds like one of my old patients.”

Abigail smirked “Are you being saucy or what?”

“No kidding. She doesn’t sound…sound.”

“Problem can make a person go mad.” Sybil sighed. “I’d be crazy if Jimmy tries this.”

Toya hissed. “Because you won’t leave him for anything?”

“She’s calling.” Abigail raised her phone. “Hello?”

“I’m in church.”

“Give me a moment, please.”

Abigail cut the call, and then did a conference with Toya and Sybil.

The woman screeched. “Hey! BSS Crew. I can’t believe I’m seeing all of you! Chei. Thank God for technology.”

“Thank God, madam.” Abigail cut in. “So, about your daughter. You said your husband is having sex with her. And she’s ten?”

“Hmm, that’s what we are dealing with now o! Chei. But it is so good to see you. Chei, madam Toya, you’re very beautiful o! Aha! When I saw you in the TV show you no even…”

“How do you know your husband is sleeping with your baby?” Toya interrupted. “That is a very terrible thing.”

“Yes ma,” the woman said softly. “My daughter told me. And I hear of all these cases in TV, I never knew it can happen to me.”

“What did your daughter tell you?” Abigail said.

“That daddy was putting his long thing inside her bombom.” The woman sobbed. “I slapped her and told her to shut up.”

The ladies kept quiet.

“See how fine you people are. You don’t have problem. See me here with an animal. He will not even touch me, is my baby he touch.”

“This is very serious and we are going to help you,” Toya said. “First, you need to get your baby out of the house.”

“She’s with my sister. I just use style tell the father the aunty wants her to come over and play.” She sniffed. “For one week now. The man is angry with me.”

“We have friends in Ijebu Ode. One of them will come and see you. She will call you first,” Toya said. “She will talk more with you and tell you about programs to help you and your baby.”

 Abigail nodded. “And she will also ensure your husband is taken into custody.”

“Custody? Which? Where? Ah, please, can we not do this quietly that the whole world will know?”

“Yes, of course. Our friend is a therapist, not a journalist…”

“Ah, I thought I will meet with you and talk what to do so my husband will not look the small girl again. Ah, not to involve police.”

Toya spoke slowly. “We understand your fear, but this is also an offense and your husband needs help too.”

“Ah, Madam Sybil is not even saying anything. Or you want to send your husband men to kill my husband. Ah. Please, no.” She jumped or her video wobbled. “Please, no” She hung up.

Sybil arched an eyebrow. “She removed herself from the call.”

Abigail glared at her phone. “She’s calling me.”

Toya wagged her finger. “Don’t pick it. Obviously, she’s sick or something.”

“We need to contact the program coordinator in Ijebu. They need to reach her as fast as possible.”

“The family is in danger. They need to ask important questions. Is the ten-year-old the only girl? Is she the oldest?”

“I’m sending the number to Ijebu now.”

“What’s our verdict?”

“Child sexual abuse is a crime, and a sin. The child needs to be removed away from the man permanently. And any other kids around him.”

“And if that is not possible?”

“Report immediately. We can’t fear stigma more than the damage to that child.”

“True. True.”

“And mothers need to believe their daughters every time…”

“And sons. Boys too.”

“Predators are all over the place. We can’t allow these kids to be at such risk.”

“Notice signs. There are signs.”


“There are so many. Huh, child is afraid, or always angry, withdrawn, tearful.”

“Wants to play sexual games. I got to know about that when I worked as a nurse.”

“Younger children will have words for sex and private parts.”

“My God. It’s so hard to face.”

“We need to be strong. And be strong for the children.”

“Yes, someone is calling her right away.”

“Mothers need to be bold and strong for their babies. And there is no room for guilt. That man is not a good person. It’s not because you didn’t sleep with him.

“He is sick.”

“He is sick and needs help too.”

“Or punishment.”

“Or punishment.”

“And punishment.”

“Please, let us pray.”






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