Roses N Chocolates


“He’s a fool.” Abigail shook her head. “I don’t understand these men.”

Sybil laughed. “Judgmental!”

Abigail shrugged. “Honestly. I wonder what goes on in their heads.”

“Well, let’s see what’s going on there,” Toya said. “I’ll read.”

Sybil nodded. “Go ahead, madam!”

Abigail snickered. “She like the sound of her voice, chei!”

Toya arched an eyebrow. “Don’t blame me. See the woman crush that lady with an abused…”

“Read, abeg! Pretty woman!” Sybil laughed. “We hear you.”

Hello BSS Crew. My name is AY. My friend’s name is AY too, not the popular one, though he’s very funny too. When I first met him, I was with my group of what you’ll call “big girls” and he was just a regular guy. We were all in the same church, and only the rich and classy guys were our friends. I know he’s cute and has a great sense of humor, but he wasn’t anywhere near my type. He was also very quiet, and I liked outgoing and lively guys.

To cut a long story short, somehow, he made himself come close. First, he got really close to our Youth Pastor.

Sybil gasped. “Ehn? Youth Pastor? Is she a teenager or something?”

Abigail shushed. “Don’t interrupt!”

Our Youth Pastor is a really great guy and we all respect him so when he started asking AY to run errands and stuff, and always be around him, we all sort of noticed him too. I don’t know if our Youth Pastor was in on this, but soon, AY was the one sent to give us messages. Me, especially. He would come to our house, bring fruits or ice cream or sometimes assorted biscuits or chocolates. He would bring some books sometimes and ask if I had read, all under the pretext that Youth Pastor sent him to give or get something.

This is how we became close. Somehow, my friends accepted him. He was always around. I really like him.

Abigail yawned. “Where’s this going?”

Toya smirked. “It’s still quite long as you can see.”

“Paraphrase, biko,” Sybil said, and they all laughed.

Then he got admission into university. He still comes to church, but he acts as though it never happened.

“Hian? What never happened?”

“I just read the last sentence. You said I should round it up.”

“But we don’t even know what the issue is.”

“He liked her, she started liking him, and then he got admission, became a big boy overnight and now looking down on her.”

“They are youths. It’s infatuation.”

“Hey, wait. I see a kiss somewhere.”

“Yes, I see it. The first kiss was like heaven and AY continued from that day. We kissed at every opportunity. That’s a problem.”

“So, they are still young.”

“But this can happen to a woman of any age. He gets close to her, starts kissing and touching her…”

“Which I am totally against. Define the relationship, if at all.”

“Yes, that’s very important. From this tale, he never said anything.”

“I have heard of guys who never said anything, and the relationship just naturally progressed to marriage.”

“But those are few and far between. More are like this baboon who just took advantage of her. Broke into her inner circle and messed with her.”

“So, age is not important. We agree?”

“Yep. Verdict?”

“This is a heart break, but he really is not worth it. She should let go. Summon all her energy and courage.”

“Learn her lesson. Next guy just has to work harder.”

“She needs to learn to define her relationships. Coming around, buying her stuff, making her laugh…”

“Kissing her, no no.”

“Is not enough, as I was saying.”

“We identify with her, but she should just move on. Ignore him…”

“No, not ignore. Pretend it didn’t happen too. Act normal.”

“That’s a good point but why do you keep interrupting me?”

“You’re saying important things I want to say.”

“And so?”

“Roll your eyes all you want.”

“Haha. Let us pray, jor.”






“Yes. Sad.”


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