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“Did you see the story online?” Sybil gasped. “Did a pastor just kill his wife?”

Toya sighed. “Yes. Sad.”

“I couldn’t read the story or watch the videos,” Abigail said. “I’ve cried at least twice today.”

“I don’t think we should even read anything today,” Sybil said. “I am looking forward to a day when men will not be able to kill the woman they once professed to love.”

Abigail rubbed her forehead. “How do you mean?”

“I mean, a day when a woman will know it’s time to leave and not take the crap anymore.”

“Does being a pastor make a difference, though?” Toya pressed her lips together.

“He’s a fake pastor!” Abigail cried. “No good man, not to talk of a pastor will do this.”

“I. Watched the videos. There are quite a number of them going around,” Toya said. “He is a pastor. But that does not mean he is any less a man.”

“No!” Abigail snapped. “I totally disagree. If a man’s life work is to lead others in the right way, then his standards of living must be higher.”

“You’re right.” Toya threw her hands up. “But just as not every lawyer is a good lawyer, or doctor or writer, also, not every good pastor is a good one.”

“He’s not only a bad pastor, he’s a bad man.” Sybil smirked. “Has any of you ladies been physically abused by a man before?”

“God forbid!” Toya gritted her teeth. “I can never.”

“Well, you both know I was in a very abusive relationship,” Sybil said. “I still can’t forget that day, when the idiot was beating me in the back of our house, while my mother cooked for him in the kitchen.”

Abigail sighed. “That’s so terrible.”

“You know one thing I always felt? Shame.” Sybil shook her head. “Deep shame. Somehow the evil man made me think I was the one something was wrong with. He made me second-guess my standards.” She exhaled. “I’m not sleeping with you before marriage. And he made me feel I was wrong.”

“I think that is one of the things they do. They make you feel as if you are the evil one.” Toya shuddered. “I guess.”

“Yes. They do.” Sybil clapped. “You are the reason I have an erection, the idiot said one day. You are so beautiful, and you blame me for wanting you!”

“What?” Abigail scoffed. “What kind of dirty talk is that?”

“Sounds like what a rapist will tell a girl. You showed your cleavage. Or or your skirt is short.” Toya screamed. “Goodness! What can be done to all these evil people?”

“I don’t know.” Sybil shrugged. “I just want to encourage girls and women to see the signs and run. Don’t play superwoman or stupidwoman. Run!”

“But some come after you. Like in this case, she had left…”

“But she returned to take stuff. When you run, you don’t look back. Leave town if possible.”

“Leave her job and family? What if he’s just bluffing?”

“What if he’s not!”

“So, you blame the woman for not running? Shit! You blame her for deciding to keep her job and be close to her family? You blame her for getting killed?”

“No! Of course not! And don’t swear, please.”

“I can swear all I want right now, and you can’t do anything about it! You can’t blame a woman for quietly moving on.”

“I did not.”

“You did! And I can swear!”

“Stop! Please. You can’t swear. And you did blame the woman. You called her stupidwoman and superwoman.”

“It. Just. Hurts. So. Bad.”

“I’m sorry for swearing.”

“Sisters need to take every single threat as serious. It may be paranoia, but it may save their lives.”

“Look at that beautiful woman? Even in the video, in the middle of her distress, she looked so pretty.”

“Is it enough to push for very stiff penalties for abusive men? My husband cut off fingers. You can’t hit me if you can’t hold your own spoon.”

“Funny but not funny. I wish they could all get that, but it is the height of brutality against human rights.”

“We deviate. A woman gets a slap, she needs to sound a warning. Don’t. Please please don’t ever think you deserved it. Report.”

“If he does it a second time, leave.”

“We can never fully avoid this kind of violence but women also need to want out and be done with give me one more chance!”

“We pray for the family of the bereaved. And seek justice to the highest.”

“Death penalty.”

“An eye for an eye.”

“Not today, ladies, please let’s not argue about capital punishment.”

“We pray for the soul of the dead, her family, and for every woman in an abusive relationship. Courage to speak up. Run. Leave. Get help!”












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