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Sybil sighed. “I hate secrets.”

Toya nodded. “Me too. You know how heavy my heart thudded when Frank walked in the other day? He heard everything?”

“Secret destroy marriages faster than the other woman.” Abigail groaned. “Or man. Hmm, I know.”

Sybil clasped her hands. “But what secret could women find so unforgiveable?”

Toya shrugged. “He has a child outside.”

Sybil frowned. “Outside wedlock or before wedlock?”

“Both, I guess. I want to know if you have a child,” Toya said. “And where the mother is.”

“Child or children?” Abigail said.

Sybil gasped. “Ah! Children ke?”

“Ehen.” Abigail nodded. “What if it was just once and they came out twins?”

Sybil laughed. “Or triplets.”

“Triplets ko, tenplets ni.” Toya screeched. “I want to know, that’s my own.”

“I had a friend who was dating a married man. She never knew,” Sybil said. “He hid it so well. And he was planning a wedding with her.”

“But why?” Abigail gasped. “How did he plan to tell her?”

Toya shook her head. “Maybe he’d keep two homes. Some men are mad!”

“My friend got to know through a friend.” Sybil snickered. “She couldn’t believe o. Until they took her to the man’s house, and she met him there.”

Toya clapped. “Ah, I’ll throw you hot water.”

“Or she should just thank her God and quietly walk away,” Abigail said.

“That’s what she did.” Sybil shook her head. “She’s still single o, if you have a brother.”

“How old?”

“Just thirty.”

“She still has time.”

“This trans thing is now becoming an issue too. What if your man was born female?”

“Ah, what kind of nonsense secret is that?”

“I cannot marry a man born female, abeg!”

“What if he didn’t tell you? And his family too?”

“Well, is there a difference between a man born male and a man born female?”

“Heh! What kind of question is that? Is that not like marrying a woman?”

“I mean, if he has a functional instrument…”

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe you can say that!”

“Well, as a Christian you can’t even test the instrument before marriage!”

“Ladies! Ladies! Oh, dear Lord, I can’t breathe.”

“I don’t care if he’s born male or born female if the thing is working…why not?”

“How will you know if it’s working? You can’t test it!”

“I don’t care if it’s working or not as long as he tells me he was born female.”

“Ah, this is another dimension. So, if it’s not working…”

“Oh, please please. I’m dying here o! It’s Sunday morning. I just prayed to God.”

“Exactly. We all pray to God, so it must work! However!”

“What again?”

“However, I have to know if I married a woman turned man o!”

“I’m tired, let’s pray please, you ladies have turned my stomach today.”

“Pray ke! We haven’t read the post.”

“Really? Hahahaha!”

“I’ll read.”

Dear BSS Crew, my name is DU. I just got to hear about the man I want to marry. He’s gay! What am I going to do? I already bought my dress. I am devastated. His friend, who is one of the groom’s men just came in for the wedding and said he wanted to meet me. He told me do I know I am marrying a gay guy? That my husband to be has been gay since his secondary school days in a boys only boarding school. That he was surprised he was getting married and wanted to meet the bride. I don’t know what to do. My wedding is in two days. Please what do I do?

“Hian! Two days. We didn’t see this post.”

“Funny, haha!”

“Two days. Tuesday?”

“This was posted yesterday.”

“People marry on Monday?”

“She needs an urgent answer. Verdict?”

“Too many loops. First, friend comes in two days to wedding to drop a bombshell, is he for real?”

“Daleru, daleru, in Helen Paul’s voice!”

“Hahaha. Today is comedy day.”

“I think she should go ahead with the wedding.”

“We don’t know how long they courted, what she knows about him and all that.”

“A day to the wedding? Better call a bad thing off before she lives with the consequences. I know.”

“She has to ask him. If he denies, then she should call the friend, and let them face off.”

“A day to the wedding?”

“A day before till death. That’s how I see it.”

“All the money spent on dress, hall, food?”

“Don’t be funny.”

“Is that the verdict? Face him?”


“What if it’s true?”

“Personal decision. Does she want to live with it? If yes, go ahead. If no, break it now.”

“Final verdict?”


“Can we pray now? Before you start with whether the instrument is…”

“Let’s pray.”





“It’s not easy something.”

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    Case 13…
    I would like to know whatever the secret it before the wedding…If I then decide to go through with it, it’s my cross to bear

    September 20, 2020

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