About Roses and Chocolates

All the sweet things in life in one place. Don’t have much time? Here you can catch fast stories that takes you into the love lives of larger-than-life characters. Roses and Chocolates is a blog where you’ll find short romance stories at their best.

Monday, we’ll have a chocolate meltdown, a short sharp flash fiction.

Tuesday is for rose bushes, one full length short fiction.

Wednesday is fun day and we get to talk about anything we want.

Thursday I call the load shedding on series.

Friday you get a chocolate treat and I talk about my favourite characters.

Saturday is a lazy day, roses have thorns. Writing tips for readers and writers.

Sunday is a holy day for catch ups on load shedding series.

Follow me and get your loved ones on board too.


From September, series will be three times a week. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Saturdays will be dedicated to fun, trends, writing tips, marriage games and tips on relationships, and some of my raw scripts with writing/editing errors of the past I call Sinmi Uncut, with assignments and interaction.

Heavy but will be fun.

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