The Days after that Night

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Credited: NWA Winner of Faith-based Book of the Year 2017

Dialogue in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: “Am I a short, ugly, yellow pawpaw?” Response: “Ask your wife.”

Raw action in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Dini stabbed the face in the portrait with the sharp scissors and dragged it down

Images from #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Tonbra yelps in delight when she sees her new nokia phone then stops quickly when she remembers her husband just died

Faces in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Tonye Sigha combined RMD’s macho look with Desmond Eliot’s boyish handsomeness

Conflict in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Tari shook hands with the man who stole his lover’s heart

Romance in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: He kept smiling at her. He couldn’t make himself stop

Coercion in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Mama looked into her eyes. “You owe me, and am call it in. Now.”

Faith in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: Pastor Flo gripped the edge of the table. “I’m going to fight for your soul.”

Deceit in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: He didn’t recognize the voice as hers when she yelled, “You know me. I never pretended. I never loved you.”

Lust in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: He was on a suicide mission. To kill his marriage vows.

Control in #TheDaysAfterThatNight: His words amazed Oyinemi. For a man like him to not touch a woman in fourteen years?

When Ijaw women battle, even their men stand aside. 
In The Days After that Night, three Ijaw women, Tonbra, Mama and Oyinemi, collide to shape the future of one man.

The night Ebisine Francis George died a string of events that will shape the lives of his widow, Tonbra, and every one she comes in contact with was set in motion. 
Can a man like Dinipre Brisibe consider polygamy? A deacon without guile, married to a perfect woman, with a perfect family life? Yet, Dini finds himself in love with a woman he wasn’t married to.

Mama lived all of her life for her children. After the death of her husband, she continued to hold a strong bond in the family. Now her first son marries against her wishes, and Mama will stop at nothing to make sure her son gets his due.

Oyinemi just wanted to do the right thing, and show gratitude for the benefits she otherwise may not have gotten, but a demand on her womanhood will drive her morals to an extreme. Can she willingly compromise her conscience?

The days after that night are full of conflict, deception, betrayal, loyalty, high suspense, and emotional tension.

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Simply put…you need to read this, young, old, single, married or divorce. This book is for you. Sinmi Has proven herself as A life-coach – Verified Amazon buyer

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