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It’s amazing how a girl so smart and pretty could have such a depressing diction.

A depressing diction is just one of Abbey’s problems, perhaps the least.

Abbey Ilori, a Lagos student-teacher is posted to Abagboro Community High School, a secondary school in a remote village far from his home and all he is used to, as part of the requirements for his university degree in Post-Primary Education.
Abbey must cope with teaching English to local children who speak nothing but their dialect, and at the same time endure the rudiments of living in a village.

There he meets Toro, another student teacher from another state, and they develop a close bond. But new arrivals of four graduates on the National Youth Service Corps programme will change the colours of Abbey’s stay and successful completion of his programme in Abagboro village.

Relationships cultivate, and as much as Abbey tries to keep his heart intact, he must relate with other teachers who think he’s young and proud, an abusive principal, and Youth Corpers who want to catch fun and care nothing for the environment they find themselves.

Throw in Abbey’s infatuation with one of his beautiful students, Bisi, and the intrigues that surround the girl makes Tisha a beautiful tale of survival in the toughest terrains, a touch of romance and a daunting race against evil men.

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